Our rules

Here you can read how you can become an member of our exclusive dating site
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    1.  You can register to be a member
    2. You know someone who’s already a member
    3. You always pay a fee of 4.000 pesos a year
      and for MEN members is it € 99,- a year 
      (FREE MEMBERSHIP first year)
    4. Use a valit email address like GMAIL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO, OUTLOOK, LIVE
    5. You will give a 100% of you to us
      This means that you can be asked for a copy of your ID or passport, a live video chat with us, were you work, who your friends are, etc. etc.
    6. We will check everything of you before you can be a loyal, true and honest member of us
    7. Before you will find your true love here you must get naked first
      If you cannot be honest, transparent and true then there is no place for you here and you will never find your true love
    8. If you want to be succesful in love, then we will help you
    9. We will secure your privacy and all documents you send to us
      After your approval all documents will be deleted by us
    10. We dont have a book with a lot of rules and other stupid things, we only want to make it easy, simple and honest for you
    11. Payments : After 1 year you will be billed for a new year of membership
      You can cancel your membership anytime by sending a email to jve2020phil@gmail.com
      We do not send a automatic email to renew your membership
      You can cancel 14 day’s before your membership expires
    12. We will use your profile photo on our website for commercial goals.

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